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Friday, 19 October 2018  
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History of indexing


Article titles are followed by the authors’ names; place of appearance is indicated by volume and page numbers. The link from volume and page numbers will lead to information on publication dates thus yielding a complete reference to the article.


  • Book indexing in Great Britain: a brief history. G. Norman Knight 6.14–18
  • Some personalities: Sidney & Beatrice Webb. Margaret Anderson 7.20–22
  • The beginnings of indexing and abstracting: some notes towards a history of indexing and abstracting in antiquity and the Middle Ages. Francis J. Witty 8.193–8
  • Early multilingual and multiscript indexes in herbals. Hans H. Wellisch 11.81–102
  • ‘Index’ — the word, its history, meanings and usages. Hans H. Wellisch 13.147–51
  • A history of indexing technology. Martha Cornog 13.152–7
  • The indexes of 18th- and early 19th-century magazines. Althea Douglas 14.160–3
  • The oldest printed indexes. Hans H. Wellisch 15.73–82
  • Printed indexes to early British periodicals. Peter Johnson 16.147–55
  • Incunabula indexes. Hans H. Wellisch 19.1.3–12
  • For want of an alphabetical index: some notes towards a history of the back-of-the-book index in 19th-century America. Ira Kleinberg 20.156–9
  • Indexing after the millennium 3: The indexer as helmsman. Hans H. Wellisch 21.59
  • Indexes and religion: reflections on research in the history of indexes. Bella Hass Weinberg 21.111–18
  • Indexing after the millennium 8: Whatever next? Jean Simpkins 21.155
  • The Indexer thirty-odd years ago. Hazel K. Bell 21.186–9
  • Book indexes in France: medieval specimens and modern practices. Bella Hass Weinberg 22.2–13
  • Cardinal Giuseppe Garampi: an eighteenth-century pioneer in indexing. Charles Burns 22.61–4
  • Indexing commonplace books: John Locke’s method. Alan Walker 22.114–18
  • Index structures in early Hebrew Biblical word lists: preludes to the first Latin concordances. Bella Hass Weinberg 22.178–86
  • Continental European indexing: then and now. Caroline Diepeveen 25.74–78
  • Indexation, memory, power and representations at the beginning of the 12th century: the rediscovery of pages from the tables to the Liber de Honoribus, the first Cartulary of the Collegiate Church of St Julian of Auvergne (Brioude). Jean Berger 25.95–99
  • The role of the index in Il Libro del Cortegiano. Tom Norton 25.108–112
  • Past, present and future. Geraldine Beare 25.257-264
  • The world's oldest profession: indexing? Nancy K. Humphreys 29.161-165
  • Indexing as preadaptive advance: a socio-evolutionary perspective. Alberto Cevolini 32.50-57
  • Indexes, in praise of. Sasha Archibald 32.142-148
  • Indexing commonplace books: early modern methods. Alan Walker 34.2-11
  • The Book Index symposium: two reviews. Florian Ehrensperger and Mary Coe 35.159-61
  • An American pamphlet on book indexing: J. Ben Nichols's Indexing: a manual for librarians, authors and publishers (1892). Alan Walker C18:1
  • Indexing: a manual for librarians, authors and publishers. J. Ben Nichols C18:4

Societies of indexers

  • The Society of Indexers as servant of the world of letters. G.V. Carey 5.78–80
  • Biographical profiles [of American Society of Indexers officers]. Anne J. Richter 8.229–32
  • Word from Canada. Mary Dykstra 11.202–4
  • Activities of the Canadian Society. Peter E. Greig 12.36–8
  • Indexers in Europe. Hazel K. Bell 17.233–4
  • Looking back, looking forward (Development of The Indexer). Hans H. Wellisch 20.2
  • Classified contents of The Indexer, 1958–1995. Hazel K. Bell 20.141–52
  • History of indexing societies: Part I — SI: the first ten years. Hazel K. Bell 20.160–4
  • History of indexing societies: Part II — Three affiliations. Hazel K. Bell 20.212–15
  • History of indexing societies: Part III — Society of Indexers 1968–1977. Hazel K. Bell 21.33–6
  • History of indexing societies: Part IV —1978–1982. Hazel K. Bell 21.70–2
  • History of indexing societies: Part V — 1983–1987. Hazel K. Bell 21.134–5
  • History of indexing societies part 6: 1988–91. Hazel K. Bell 22.35–8
  • History of societies of indexing part 7: 1992–5. Hazel K. Bell 22.81–3
  • John Ainsworth Gordon (1912–1998): a celebration. Barbara Britton 21.38–9
  • Around the world. Christine Jacobs 21.184–5
  • How the Index Society began — and ended. Mary Piggott 22.33–5
  • Indexing Societies. J.D. Lee 24.15–16
  • Reminiscences of a reviews editor. (of The Indexer) Philip Bradley 24.38–39
  • Once upon a time: four long-standing members of the SI tell how it was in days gone by Elizabeth Wallis, Doreen Blake, J.D. Lee, Barbara Britton 25.229–234
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