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Biographies and literary figures


Article titles are followed by the authors’ names; place of appearance is indicated by volume and page numbers. The link from volume and page numbers will lead to information on publication dates thus yielding a complete reference to the article.

On indexing biographies

  • Indexing a biography. L.E.C. Hughes 1.111
  • No room at the top. G.V. Carey 2.120–3
  • Indexing biographies: lives do bring their problems. Hazel K. Bell 16.168–72
  • Indexing biographies: the main character. Hazel K. Bell 17.43–4
  • Some thoughts inspired by Hazel K Bell’s From flock beds to professionalism. 27.25
  • Fictional characters in non-fiction works. Madeleine Davis 29.65–69
  • Political memoirs: an international comparison of indexing styles. Alan Walker 30.66-75
  • An indexer's life of Johnson. Christopher Phipps 30.114-119
  • Navigating The English Friend. Susan Curran 30.119-124
  • Indexing political memoirs: neutrality and partiality. Alan Walker 30.125-130
  • Dramatis personae. Madeleine Davis 30.132-135
  • Biography indexes reviewed. Catherine Sassen 30.136140
  • Biographies as soft, narrative texts. Hazel K. Bell 30.141-146

Literary figures

  • Books without indexes. Samuel Austin Allibone 5.191
  • An index of counter-spells in Ariosto's Orlando furioso (1516). Michael Robertson 30.179–184
  • A glossy index (Lady Cynthia Asquith’s Diaries) 18.47
  • Index makers: Samuel Ayscough 15.157–8
  • Caliban as indexer (Hilaire Belloc). John A. Vickers 16.205
  • Indexes past: Marie Antoinette (Hilaire Belloc) 16.268
  • Dr Powell’s index to Boswell’s Life of Johnson. E.S. de Beer 5.135–39
  • Indexes past: Index of 1900 to Boswell’s Life of Johnson 13.32
  • ‘A book very much to your credit’: the index to the private edition of Boswell’s papers. Judy Batchelor 14.114
  • The Burney papers – or, where does an index begin? Althea Douglas 14.241–8
  • Indexes past: The anatomy of melancholy (Robert Burton) 19.192
  • Indexes past: Alps and sanctuaries of Piedmont and the Canton Ticino (Samuel Butler) 13.259
  • Indexing fiction: a story of complexity (novels of A.S. Byatt). Hazel K. Bell 17.251–6
  • The unconventional index and its merits (on Joachim Camerarius’ analysis of Dürer's ‘Melancolia I’). William S. Heckscher 13.5–25
  • Clemency Canning. G. Norman Knight 4.19–20/29
  • Skims, ancient and modern. G.V. Carey 6.92–6
  • Indexes past: Latter-Day pamphlets (Thomas Carlyle) 12.143
  • Lewis Carroll as indexer. Hans H. Wellisch 18.110
  • Indexer nascitur, non fit — Lewis Carroll as an indexer again. August A. Imholtz, Jr. 20.11–13
  • Indexing the life of Sir Winston Churchill. G. Norman Knight 5.58–63
  • The ‘Washington read’ and the ‘Clindex.’ (Bill Clinton) Christine Shuttleworth 24.61
  • The making of an index: F. Howard Collins. Michael Robertson 18.237–43
  • Sir Edward Cook’s ‘Art of Indexing’ (1918). Michael Robertson 19.31–3
  • Alexander Cruden and his concordance. John Farrow 20.55–6
  • Indexing Defoe. Douglas Matthews 24.12–14
  • How I indexed Dickens’s letters. James Thornton 4.119–22
  • Distortion and mutilation — it can happen to us (index to biography of Charles Dickens). Hazel K. Bell 18.40–1
  • Bias in indexing (on Laurence Echard / John Oldmixon). Margaret Anderson 9.27–30
  • There’s more to an index ... (Stallybrass indexes Forster). Hazel K. Bell 20.14
  • First person indicative (E.M. Forster’s index to Marianne Thornton: a domestic biography) Hazel K. Bell 24.97
  • Father of the man (George Fox). John A. Vickers 17.20
  • Early multilingual and multiscript indexes in herbals (of Leonhart Fuchs and Conrad Gessner). Hans H. Wellisch 11.81–102
  • Cardinal Giuseppe Garampi: an eighteenth-century pioneer in indexing. Charles Burns 22.61–4
  • Gibbon’s original index. 20–15
  • Indexing Gladstone: from 5 x 3" cards to computer and database. H.C.G. Matthew 19.257–64
  • The mystery of the indexer’s elephants (Oliver Goldsmith). Anthony Raven 14.191–3
  • The modern index to Richard Hakluyt’s Principall Navigations. Alison M. Quinn 5.106–12
  • On editing and indexing a series of letters (of Sir Robert Hart). Katherine Frost Bruner 14.42–6
  • William Sebastian Heckscher 1904–1999 [obituary] 22.40–41
  • A.P.H.(Herbert)’s humorous indexes. G. Norman Knight 6.108–15
  • Index makers: Georgette Heyer 17.46
  • Some personalities: Sherlock Holmes; Mary Petherbridge; Sidney & Beatrice Webb. Margaret Anderson 7.19–23
  • Alexander von Humboldt’s Kosmos: indexing it. Oliver Lubrich and Ottmar Ette 24.2–6
  • A word upon indexes: Leigh Hunt 6.74
  • An indexer's life of Johnson. Christopher Phipps 30.114-119
  • What, no index? Constant Lambert. David Lee 14.177–8
  • ‘Discursive, dispersed, heterogeneous’… indexing Seven pillars of wisdom. (T.E. Lawrence) Hazel K. Bell 24.9–11
  • Leacock on indexing. Peter Greig 8.201–3
  • Bernard Levin and The Indexer. Hazel K. Bell 24.127–132
  • ‘The precious work’: from the correspondence between Oula Jones and Bernard Levin, 1981–1999. Frances S. Lennie 24.133–134
  • A Machiavellian index (to Livy’s Decades). Hans H. Wellisch 18.86
  • Indexes past: The Biglow papers [James Russell Lowell] 19.290–1
  • Josephine McGovern, 1924–2001 [obituary] 22.198
  • Marot, Hofstadter, index [Douglas Hofstadter’s translation of Ma mignonne by Clément Marot]. Christine Shuttleworth 21.22–3
  • The Mandela Portal ? how do visitors get there? Shadrack Katuu and Sello Hatang 28.69–73
  • Colin Matthew 1941–1999 [obituary] 22.41
  • Indexes past: London Labour and the London poor (Henry Mayhew). 14.53–5
  • Moreana — after twenty years (Thomas More). William S. Heckscher 14.122
  • The making of a dictionary: James A. H. Murray. Hazel K. Bell 20.78–80
  • First and last lines (Ogden Nash). John A. Vickers 16.103
  • Could still do better: the revised index to the Newman biography. John A. Vickers 17.189–90
  • Nietzsche as indexer. August A. Imholtz 11.204
  • Indexing Pepys’s diary. Robert & Rosalind Latham 12.34–5
  • ‘The index to the definitive Pepys’. Robert Latham 14.88–90
  • Index makers: Samuel Pepys. Hazel K. Bell 17.285
  • Some personalities: Sherlock Holmes; Mary Petherbridge; Sidney & Beatrice Webb. Margaret Anderson 7.19–23
  • ‘And so to bed’: the index to The diary of Samuel Pepys. Fred Leise 29.4–11
  • Index makers:  Mary Petherbridge 16.115–16
  • Wot, no index? – or the death of the ‘Washington read’.(Sarah Palin) Maureen MacGlashan 28.18-19
  • Seyward Darby’s Going rogue index. (Sarah Palin) 28.19-23
  • ‘Thankless task’ accomplished for Pym. Hazel Bell 14.189
  • No thankless task: Barbara Pym as indexer. Hazel Holt 15.236–7
  • The secret lives of indexers. (Barbara Pym) Judith Pascoe 31.90-95
  • Cook & Wedderburn’s index to Ruskin’s Works. James Thornton 5.154–8
  • Index for afterthoughts: John Ruskin’s Fors Clavigera 14.124
  • A long fiction index (to Walter Scott’s Waverley novels). Philip Bradley 8.153–63
  • An indexer in Flytopia (short story by Will Self). Christine Shuttleworth 22.196
  • A Shavian index (G.B. Shaw) 15.26–7
  • An unauthorizable index. (Lemony Snicket) Hazel K. Bell 24.83
  • Swift on indexing. John A. Vickers 17.32
  • Thirty-nine to one: indexing the novels of Angela Thirkell. Hazel K. Bell 21.6–10
  • A cautionary tale [‘The spotted dog’ by Anthony Trollope]. Hazel K. Bell 21.24
  • Fishing for information (Izaac Walton) 19.274–5
  • The strange affair of the resurrection of (Evelyn) Waugh. 16.191
  • Some personalities: Sherlock Holmes; Mary Petherbridge; Sidney & Beatrice Webb. Margaret Anderson 7.19–23
  • Indexing Wesley’s journals and diaries. John A.Vickers 25.9–11
  • Henry Benjamin Wheatley. Evelyn K. Green 4.115–16
  • Bibliography of works by H.B. Wheatley. L.M. Harrod 4.116–17; 5.35–7
  • In memoriam: H.B.W.(Wheatley). E.L.C. Mullins 8.94–7
  • The other Wheatley. J.D. Lee 24.2–5
  • Freda Wilkinson 1910–1999 [obituary] 22.42–3
  • Publishing and prostitution (memoirs of Harriette Wilson). Hazel. K. Bell 22.133–4
  • Index makers: Charlotte Yonge. Margaret Anderson 17.160

Indexes and indexers in fiction

  • Indexing: a work of art or a sickness beyond cure? John Sutherland 25.7–8
  • 'As if we were reading a good novel': fiction and the index from Richardson to Ballard. Dennis Duncan 32.2-11
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