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Monday, 19 November 2018  
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(See also Types of indexes: museums)

Article titles are followed by the authors’ names; place of appearance is indicated by volume and page numbers. The link from volume and page numbers will lead to information on publication dates thus yielding a complete reference to the article.

  • Archive indexing. L.C. Johnson 4.105–8
  • Indexing archives. Richard A. Storey 5.159–68
  • The programme index and script library of the BBC. Joanna Clark 11.149–51
  • Structure in database indexing. James D. Anderson 12.3–13
  • Computer-assisted production of bibliographic databases in history. Joyce Duncan Falk 12.131–9
  • European Research Centres indexing a new database. Ann Edwards 13.37–9
  • The Churchill College Archives Centre. Marion M. Stewart 13.43–7
  • Information systems at the Business Archives Council. Celia Jackson 14.257–8
  • Indexing the Domesday Project. David Lee 15.145–50
  • Indexing and cataloguing the Walt Disney Archives. David R. Smith 15.154–6
  • Chemical and numerical indexing for the INSPEC database. J.C. Deaves & J.E. Pache 16.163–7
  • ‘Is Britannia a personality?’: some questions arising while indexing the Imperial War Museum’s collections. Roger Smither 17.7–11
  • The archives of the Worshipful Company of Stationers. Michael Robertson 17.269–70
  • Putting the horse before the cart: rapid access to data banks by the SIGNPOSTS method. Audrey M. Adams 18.3–9
  • Computer-assisted database indexing: the state of the art. Gail M. Hodges 19.23–7
  • Streamlining PRECIS just for laughs! (Musée ... pour rire). C.Jacobs & C. Arsenault 19.88–92
  • From 5 by 3 to CEA — archival indexing at the millennium’s end. David Ryan 21.164–8
  • Cardinal Giuseppe Garampi: an eighteenth-century pioneer in indexing . Charles Burns 22.61-64
  • Database indexing: yesterday and today. Harry Diakoff 24.85–96
  • Capturing moving images online. Ann Cameron 24.142–144
  • Indexing archives for access. Shauna Hicks 24.200–202
  • From a tin trunk to a niche in cyberspace; widening access to the records in Girton College Archive. Kate Perry 24.203–205
  • The Glasgow Art Club Archives. Theo van Asperen 25.290
  • The Glasgow Art Club Archives. Theo van Asperen 26.25
  • A Turkish Treasure trove. Meral Alakus 26.8
  • Digital journal indexing: electrified or electrocuted? Problems, practicalities and possibilities: the case of the CCHA and/et la SCHÉC. Brian F. Hogan 28.154–162
  • After the Prize: Indexing at the Einstein Papers Project. Rudy Hirschmann 29.98–109
  • TIIARA for an IDOL: an adventure in indexing. Elaine Ménard 31.2-11
  • Archiving Samoan history for the future. Uili Fecteau 32.30-31
  • Indexing organizations. Jean Dartnall 32.67-70
  • INNZsight: Index New Zealand in focus. Dave Small and Nancy Fithian 32.97-103
  • Retrieving a world of fiction: building an index - and an archive - of serialized novels in Australian newspapers, 1850-1914. Katherine Bode and Carol Hetherington 33.57-65
  • People and place: new initiatives in database indexing for Indigenous collections in Australia. Jenny Wood and Judith Cannon 33.101-104
  • From librarian to media manager: looking after BBC Scotland's archive. Jennifer Wilson 34.55-61
  • Visiting the BBC Scotland archives. Bechaela Walker 34.92
  • Protecting culture and civilization: indexing world heritage. Meral Alakus 35.80-5
  • Fantastical beasts and how to index them. Natalia Jonsson-Skradol 36.29-30
  • Indexing databases for our users, not ourselves. Valerie Nesset 36.105-108
  • The peripheral and central indexes at Bletchley Park during the Second World War. Eric L. Nelson 36.95-101
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