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The Indexer is a rich source of information for indexers and those interested in indexing. Some articles that particularly catch the attention are much cited to the point of being classics. Others, perhaps just as significant, don’t get cited so often and can get lost to sight. The Collections bring together articles carefully selected to be of particular relevance to a specific audience, to be readily accessible and which will be turned to again and again. Articles undergo little editorial intervention other than what is required for conversion to an ebook and the occasional editorial note to draw attention to developments of which the reader should be aware.

Newcomers: A Selection of Articles for Those New to Indexing

Twenty-three articles specially selected from The Indexer vital to those embarking on a career in indexing. Articles cover: the importance of indexes; choosing indexing as a career; indexing efficiently; choosing software; choosing training; producing a quote; negotiating with clients; and looks toward possible futures with new technology, embedded indexing, topic maps and XML.

23 articles + Introduction + Contributor bios + fully linked index; 283 pages (on iPad)

Published 31 October 2012

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Note: Indexing society members may be able to get discounts through the members’ area of their society website.

The cover of the publication "Newcomers"
The cover of the publication "Newcomers: A Selection of Articles for Those New to Indexing"
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